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Magic Relationship Words

In Classes and Tools by Anne Wade0 Comments

Susie and Otto Collins, two of my favorite people and sometimes contributors to Soulmate Dance, have figured out a thing or two about communication and happy, healthy relationships including some magic words to stop fights, diffuse arguments, reduce disagreements, pull your partner closer, and keep your love thriving. Even better, these magic words are effective whether you are married, dating, …

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The Re-Awakening Guided Meditation

In Classes and Tools by Anne Wade1 Comment

When I stumbled upon the Re-Awakening Meditation website, I was certain Steven Aitchison, author of the Change Your Thoughts blog, had written it to me personally. It won’t surprise me if you feel the same way, too. I had played around with meditation, but worried whether I was doing is “right.” One friend insisted it only worked if you sat …

You Drive Me Crazy! Signs You’ve Met Your Toxic Soulmate

In Marriage, Dating, and Relationship Building by Jade Joddle (Do Personality Test)0 Comments

Your toxic soulmate is never going to be your favourite person, but he or she is one of the most important people you will meet in this life. That’s because your relationship with your toxic soulmate triggers your deepest wounds and brings your shadow self out to play. Some of the signs of meeting your toxic soulmate can be seen …

3 Ways to Stop a Power Struggle – New video from Susie and Otto Collin

In Marriage, Dating, and Relationship Building by Susie and Otto Collins0 Comments

Even Soulmates get caught up in the “I’m right~you’re wrong” cycle that is impossible to win! Nobody is immune to power struggles, including you and your partner. Because the two of you  are soulmates, the original issue that you’re butting heads over can become exaggerated and even more intense than it might otherwise be.   The key to de-fusing power …

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Ruining lives on social media

In Personal Growth by Steven Cardinal0 Comments

Has social media become the new Neighborhood Watch or is it just a lynch mob of supposedly well-meaning Netizens trying to grab a little fame for their do-good ways? Maybe we should look at some of the lives that have been ruined before making that decision? On May 4, a man in Australia found his picture being tweeted and shared …

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How to tell if you are ready for a relationship or just lonely

In Marriage, Dating, and Relationship Building by Jodi Riley1 Comment

Often times we make a conscious decision to seek out a relationship.  In those times, we have to ask ourselves if we are really ready to be in a mature long term relationship or if the feelings we’re experiencing are just loneliness.  In this MOD Love episode, guest hosted by Marcie Pregulman, we talk about how to determine relationship readiness vs …

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Crazy Beautiful Me!

In Health and Beauty by Anne Wade0 Comments

This little piece of wisdom and truth tickles my funny bone and lights up my confirmation meter. (Yay, it’s OK to be crazy brilliant me♡) Thanks for signing up! Bold. Fearless. Beautiful. Boomers Unite and Live Like You Mean it Email Address First Name Sign Up By submitting this form, you are granting: Chicks with Checks, 104 Arcadia Springs CIrcle, …

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The Nature of Blessings

In Inspiration and Affirmations by Anne Wade0 Comments

“Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses, and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures.” ~ Joseph Addison One of my favorite topics for journaling and writing in general is The Alchemy of Adversity. That’s because no one likes being in the fire (Are you …

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What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual?

In Personal Growth by Anne Wade0 Comments

This week, we’re going to look at a question that comes at least once a week in some form and we’re also going to talk about it a little bit differently: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE SPIRITUAL?  WHAT MAKES A SPIRITUAL PERSON? HOW IS MY SPIRITUAL SIDE DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF ME? To answer this important question, I’m …

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Love At First Sight- The Myth

In Marriage, Dating, and Relationship Building by Jodi Riley0 Comments

Love at first sight is a concept so many people seem attached to for explaining how they will meet and recognize their soulmate.  Even though the odds of having a love at first sight experience turn out to be a successful long term relationship are about as good as winning the lottery, people still cling to this romanticized idea of finding …

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Helping Men Find Happy, Healthy Relationships

In Marriage, Dating, and Relationship Building by Jodi Riley0 Comments

In our final episode of March Man-ness, we had a returning expert, Jordan Harbinger, of The Art of Charm. Jordan talked with us about his work to help men find happy and healthy relationships. Steve straight talked about male anger and Anne answered the question– do we have to love ourselves first before we can attract a mate? Thanks for signing up! …

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What’s up with all that online anger?

In Marriage, Dating, and Relationship Building by Steven Cardinal0 Comments

I’ve recently taken greater notice of an online action<->reaction phenomenon in which the response to some comment, post, or action is met with a response totally out of proportion. Think “killing a mosquito with a nuclear bomb” kind of out of proportion. And, yes, it’s usually guys taking it to a potentially violent level. It doesn’t have to be that …