Anne WadeTransitions. Changes.

Change happens every day. And every change, pleasant or unpleasant, brings both endings and beginnings.  Though it's normal and natural, it's sometimes challenging and a little help can make a big difference.

Even with exciting new beginnings we often feel the loss or potential loss of whatever we relinquished to make space. It's part of the dance of Life.

As humans, we are programmed to feel all our losses whether we think they are “big” or “small,” "good' or "bad,"even though that normal and natural grief may cause us to feel stuck.  The feelings are normal, but our skills for dealing with them are often not helpful and may leave us feeling worse than before. And that goes for changes we view as “good” such as a fabulous new job or dreamy new relationship as well as for those we see as “bad.”  

Let's navigate your life changes together. We'll explore your preferred future and define better ways to move through change, loss, opportunity, and transition whether from a recent change or one that occurred long ago. It's time to get back to joy!

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