Eat Mangoes Naked. Soulmate Dance talks about the wisdom of finding please in all things.

Eat Mangoes Naked…Finding Pleasure Everywhere and Dancing with the Pits

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Eat Mangoes Naked. Soulmate Dance talks about the wisdom of finding please in all things.Sometimes you just need a fun book whose message enlightens and uplifts lightly.

With her trademark colorful art and handwritten text, SARK playfully yet seriously reminds us that pleasure and joy live everywhere, not just in the bright sunshiney part of  life. They are even lurking in those dark corners and crevices where sadness and difficulty seem to have set up their messy housekeeping.

The easiest and best way to tell you about this delicious book is to quote and paraphrase like crazy.  So here goes....

It's our birthright to enjoy ourselves and find all the pleasure in our lives. Pleasure loves company and delights in being discovered.

We can dance through our lives and still be responsible. (Soulmate Dance anyone?)

We can dive deeply into our challenges and still chortle with glee. Let's chortle more!

Pleasure and joy invite our best selves to come out and play and quiet our critical voices. (Exactly what our soulmates are seeking!)

I am now officially at risk for quoting the entire book right here, but then you would miss the colorful art and funky handwritten text, sensory pleasures for your eyes.  You would miss the opportunity to read the book while marinating in a bubble bath (highly recommended). Candles and glass of wine optional.

If you are stuck in a rut, this book will help catapult you out. If you are having a rainy day, inside your head or outside your door, this book will be the bright pink polka dot umbrella, the puddle you splash in, that brings a smile back to your face and soul.

And don't forget the part about The Giver becomes the Receiver. It's the Law of Attraction in action.

Sometimes I don't need heavy earnest inspiration. I need to eat a mango naked...on a a hammock...under a palm tree.  Even if it is "only" in my imagination.

To order, click the image below.  Enjoy!

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