The Book of Love. Soulmate Dance reviews this book about the meaning of love.

The Book of Love

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The Book of Love. Soulmate Dance reviews this book about the meaning of love.Maureen Paschal hadn’t expected such a massive backlash stemming from her discovery of a long lost gospel written by Mary Magdalene revealing that Mary Magdalene had indeed been married to Jesus and they had a child together.

In the midst of the mayhem, Maureen receives a strange package containing an ancient letter signed with a symbol. Soon she and her beloved Bérenger find themselves on a new trail of discovery, this time following the little-known Matilda of Tuscany. Gradually, they realize they are on a much larger quest, this time for the Book of Love, the gospel written by Jesus himself.

As the clues and secrets unfold, Maureen wonders whether Matilda has been merely overlooked or deliberately covered up by historians. She discovers uncanny connections between herself and Matilda and also learns that others are searching for the book as well, only with the malevolent intent of hiding it forever. After all, what would happen if Jesus’ own words tell a different story?

McGowan weaves the stories of two extraordinary women, Matilda and Maureen, into a shared journey though two very different worlds populated with the mysteries of the labyrinth, the raw beauty of the Song of Songs, and Matilda’s own secret life story set against a backdrop of breathtaking art, architecture, and history, known and unknown. And in the end, the Book of Love is revealed. And you will never look at things quite the same again.

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