Share Your Love After 50 Story

Share Your Story of Love in Midlife and Beyond

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Share Your Love After 50 Story

Art Credit - Rose Dalton 2017

Every Woman (and Man) Has a Story to Tell. What’s Yours? 

Soulmate Dance is looking for your midlife stories to share.

  • Did you find true love in midlife or beyond?
  • Did you finally fall in love with yourself? Maybe for the first time. Maybe you had been lost and found yourself again.
  • Did you leave a dead-end relationship or job and turn it into a transformation?
  • Did a stale relationship reignite? Or a troubled relationship find healing?
  • Did you discover new interests and hobbies?
  • Did you meet the best friend you’ve always craved?
  • Did you find yourself caring for a difficult parent and experience healing?

Love shows up in so many ways. What’s you Love in Midlife and Beyond?

The stories selected will be featured on the Soulmate Dance blog and Facebook pages.

Why midlife and beyond?  My husband and I met in our fifties and that was the genesis for Soulmate Dance.

If you have a story to share, contact me HERE through the website or hop over to the Facebook page and here the "Send Message" button in the post. Either way,  I’ll send you the details. Tag a friend. Share the post.

Here’s to love!

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