Mastering The Art of Vaginal Massage. Making love with your soulmate.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage – Part 2

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Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage. Making love with your soulmate.Part 2 - And now we continue…

You’re really feeling it now. A flow of sexual energy, of desire, your breath energizing this particularly feminine part of you in a way it couldn’t have just minutes ago. “Keep breathing, babe. Let it go. Let it flow.” He slows his rubbing. He takes a few deep breathes, seemingly centering himself. Removing his hands, he moves them to your thighs and arranges your legs so that your right leg drapes over his left knee. He’s got you just the way he wants you now. You feel yourself opening even more.

You hear him open the bottle of lubricant. It’s a sound you’ve grown to love. He’s taken the trouble to microwave the bottle for 15 seconds, and you know the lube is going to feel deliciously warm and luscious as it waters your secret garden, this gift between your legs you can’t wait for him to open. He places his well-lubricated right hand over your entire vagina, as if sealing it, allowing the warmth of the lubricant and his hand to soak in. A soft moan escapes your lips and your pelvis begins to undulate beneath the attention his hand is giving your honey hole.

Now he takes his thumb and index finger and, starting at the bottom, begins to rub your right labia lip up and down. Caressing it with the gentleness with which you’d rub the top of a newborn’s head. Slowly, with a steady rhythm, he caresses it. It’s as if his entire consciousness was focused on the little slip of skin, a slip of skin no other man ever gave a single thought to. You feel the labia lip getting bigger. “Nice….,” he notes. “God you’re beautiful.”

After a minute or two he moves to your left outer labia, offering it the same attention, as if the only thing in the world that matters to him is making it feel wonderfully pampered. You feel it enlarge as his slick thumb and index finger fondle its length. His fingers are playful, masterful, filled with energy. And then he moves to the right inner labia. This time as he’s stroking up and down he lets his index finger dip into your wetness. Again you let out a deep, soft moan. In the past he’s worked with you to become more vocal during sex, and now you take every opportunity to let sound express what’s going on inside. As his finger slides into you, you become like a stringed instrument in the hands of a master player, and you let him know through your moans that your vagina is starting to heat up.

“Breath sweetheart. Breath deep down here,” he instructs, and as you direct your breath into your vagina you start to feel the pleasure begin to radiate out from it. Tingles—delicious ones—spread up into your thighs and love mound and down into your ass cheeks. Your body begins to move in a rhythm matching his strokes. “You’re doing great,” he says, squeezing your left labia now with more authority, as if his focus has taken on a laser like quality. You’ve become the center of his attention so completely. No other man has come close to touching you this way. You feel your heart relax even more, the ligaments that connect your pubic bone to your knees give way, so that your legs fall farther toward the bed. More kinks unkink.

His stroking slows, and then stops. He takes a deep breath. You can hear it go deep into him, and as he exhales it’s noisy—one of the breathing techniques he’s learned to move energy in his body. His fingers leave the entrance of your soaking wet love chamber. Another pop of the lubricant’s top, a rubbing of hands, the squishy sound of wet hands working each other. When he places his hands on you now they are a lot wetter. His left hand is on your love mound, his fingers facing down toward your spread legs, his left third finger sidling up the left side of your clitoral hood, his left index finger lying beside the hood’s right side, his left middle finger resting atop your clit. Your clitoris feels wrapped up, as if an ecstatic blanket has been gently placed over it. It’s a cozy feeling, and yet your clitoris is swelling with anticipating of what these fingers surrounding it might do. He rests his right hand between your thighs, his right index finger poised at the opening of your love cavern. Ever so gently he slides the tip of the finger in, just up to the first knuckle. A little anticipatory shudder runs up the insides of your vagina walls, up past your love mound, into your belly. A soft electric shock. Your body has been here before, and it knows how that finger is like a match held an inch away from dynamite sticks…your body senses the explosions coming.

To be continued…

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