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Falling in Love Again as a Midlife Widow – Jill Smolowe

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Jill SmoloweJill Smolowe was only 54 when her beloved husband of 24 years passed away, and it felt odd to have women tell her she was "lucky" to have met Bob 7 months later.

What she dad know was that she and Bob were not looking to recreate their previous happy marriages. Instead, were looking for their next chapter in love, a chapter built on who they were now at this stage in life. A chapter that acknowledged and celebrated that they had both been blessed with happy marriages and knew what it took to create them.

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Jill is also a coach and the author of Four Funerals and a Wedding: Resilience in a Time of Grief

Anne Wade is the founder and publisher of The Soulmate Dance. She is a writer, educator, life coach, and lifelong student of soulmate relationships, devoted to expanding our understanding of all types of soulmate relationships and experiences.

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