What is in the way of getting the love you want? Soulmate Dance offers advice.

The Myth that Stands in the Way of YOUR Perfect Love

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What is in the way of getting the love you want? Soulmate Dance offers advice.affiliate disclosureCaroline is frustrated. She’s looking for a relationship...but not just any kind of relationship. In the past, she’s had more than her fair share of boyfriends (and even a husband) who were just not right for her. In fact, some were horribly WRONG for her. These experiences left her yearning for a deeper kind of love.

She wants to attract her soulmate. Unfortunately, she’s been disappointed again and again with the men she’s met. Caroline is beginning to doubt that her soulmate is actually out there. She’s almost ready to give up. 

If you’re like Caroline, you have a clear idea of what you want in a relationship. You have read or heard about how amazing it is to be with your soulmate and you want to know how that feels. You have an image in your mind of the passion and the connection you will share with this person.

But your perfect love hasn’t shown up yet.

It can feel impossible to be patient, positive and to stay open when your desire to find your soulmate is so strong, but he or she isn’t anywhere around. You might even be feeling helpless and angry. You might be blaming people in your past or doubting yourself in some way.

We encourage you to stop the blaming, doubting and believing that there’s nothing you can do. If you want to be in a soulmate relationship and you’re not yet, it’s because something is blocking it. And that something is most likely you.

While there are external circumstances that could be a factor, it’s likely that your habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions are your biggest obstacles to love.

The good news is that this is also where you have a lot of power and can make a change. The sooner you identify your internal blocks and dissolve them, the quicker and easier it will be for you and your soulmate to be drawn together.

Question the myth.

Start by taking a look at the myth of “perfect love” and “soulmates” that’s active in your mind. When you think about the relationship you’d like to be in, what kinds of rules come with that image? Whether that image has been influenced by books you’ve read or what you’ve observed about other people’s relationships, identify what you think “has” to be.

There’s nothing wrong with envisioning what you want. That can be fun and a wonderful tool for attracting it to you, but when the image in your mind becomes rigid and narrow, it becomes a block to love.

It becomes a myth that no real person can live up to.

Stop letting the myth you keep telling yourself about what your soulmate has to look like, sound like, do for a living, where he or she lives or anything else prevent you from lining up with the  relationship you want and can be ecstatically happy in.

Be a match.

The secret to easily attracting your soulmate comes down to this... Be a match for what you want.

Too many times, people hold their potential partner to a different standard than they do themselves. They expect the one they will love to be emotionally open, thoughtful, sensitive, intimate, trusting and more when they are closed in these very same areas.

And they expect their perfect partner to be all of these things ALL of the time. You can imagine how much trouble this can cause!

We all have healing to do and room to grow, of course. Just be sure that you’re actively working on yourself and inviting yourself to change limiting habits. The more you improve yourself, the more you’ll be a match for your soulmate.

Appreciate the imperfect perfection.

Ease up on the people you meet because one of them-- who may first appear to be anything but right for you-- could actually be your soulmate. You won’t know though, if you are blinded by your myth of how he or she “has” to be. You’ll walk right on by and miss this opportunity for soul-deep love.

When we suggest that you “appreciate the imperfect perfection,” we’re not talking about lowering your standards or allowing yourself to be disrespected. We’re talking about taking a second look with a new perspective-- one that’s less critical and judgmental, one that’s coming from a place of love. We are all perfectly imperfect because we all have strengths and flaws and those “flaws" aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Your soulmate will undoubtedly surprise you as long as you loosen up, enjoy the process of getting to know people and allow the right partner for you to show up.

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