Are You Aligned with the Soulmate You Seek? Reltionship advice from Soulmate Dance.

Are You Aligned with the Soulmate You Seek?

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Are You Aligned with the Soulmate You Seek? Reltionship advice from Soulmate Dance.A friend of ours named Joyce recently told us how frustrated she is...

“I've done everything I can think of to attract my soulmate. Every single day I spend time visualizing him and how we'll be together, but where is he? I'm getting tired of waiting around for him to show up and am starting to think I'm wasting my time. Maybe I should just lower my standards and settle for less.”

We feel compassion for Joyce and for anyone else who has worked hard to attract a soulmate relationship that hasn't yet happened. It IS frustrating, irritating and discouraging to put in so much effort and not see results.

It can seem like a soulmate relationship just isn't a possibility for you.

Before you give up your dream, we'd like you to take a second look at what you're doing and how you're living. It's likely that there's a crucial piece of the attraction process that you're missing.

You've got the first part down-- that's desire. You know what you want and that's really important. You have been through other relationships that didn't have the depth or special connection that you've heard soulmates share. Or, maybe you've experienced disappointment, pain, and betrayal with past partners and you're absolutely sure that you don't want to repeat any of that.

You have no confusion in your mind about what it is you want in a partner and relationship.

It's the follow-up to having a clear desire where you might be weak or not doing what’s necessary. In order for your soulmate to come to you easily (and soon), you've got to bring yourself into alignment with what you want.

And, we know, that’s not always as simple as it sounds.

Have you ever ridden on an escalator in a shopping mall or at an airport? If so, you might appreciate the efficiency of these “moving stairs” that help people go more swiftly from one floor of a building to another. The potentially tricky part is when the person riding the escalator moves from the escalator stair to the non-moving floor at the top or bottom. If you step too soon or too late, you’ll be out of line with the movement of the escalator. You might trip and fall!

When getting on or off an escalator, you have to line your foot up just right with the moving stairs. It’s actually not that difficult, but it can seem to be. There’s a similar dynamic when attracting your soulmate. You have to line yourself up with the kind of partner and relationship you are dreaming of in order to make full use of the power of your desire.

If you don’t, you may “trip and fall” or feel stuck in a place you don’t want to be.  Here are three ways to bring yourself into alignment with and attract the soulmate love you’ve been looking for...

1. Believe you can have what you want.

So many of us sabotage our best intentions by secretly doubting that we can ever have the relationship we want. Even worse, some of us don’t think we are deserving of the amazing love and connection we’re craving with a soulmate. This will trip you up every time! Listen in to yourself and especially to any doubtful thoughts that come up. Notice them and question them. Ask yourself the question, “Why not?” when you think, “It would be nice to be with my soulmate, but it will never happen for me.” Just create space for the possibility that maybe it IS true that you ARE deserving and that you’ll be with your soulmate soon.

2. Look at how you're living now.

Observe yourself as a stranger might do. What would that person say about how you are currently living your life? Are you living your life in a way that leaves room for your soulmate to show up and start loving you? Pay attention to everyday things like the size of your bed, the activities you keep yourself busy with and the people you surround yourself with. Are you living in a way that is closed, constricted and shutting out love or in a way that is an open invitation to your soulmate?

3. Be the kind of partner you desire.

Now, think again about the soulmate relationship you’ve been envisioning for yourself. With kindness and love, ask yourself if the soulmate you are dreaming of would be a match for the person you are today. Don’t use this as an excuse to put yourself down, but do identify the shifts and changes in habit you could make to become a perfect match for your soulmate. These might be very subtle and simple changes in your attitude, approach to other people and how you interact with others.

Have fun with this and keep alive your excitement about the soulmate love you want...and know that it’s on its way to you.

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