Could my sister or a friend be a soulmate? Soulmate Dance talks about other kinds of soulmates.

My Sister, My Soulmate

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Could my sister or a friend be a soulmate? Soulmate Dance talks about other kinds of soulmates.Reader Question: Could my sister be one of my soulmates? She and I are unbelievably close and “get” each other in ways no one else seems to. It’s as if she knows what is going to happen in my life even before I do! We’re not twins, but our bond seems closer than most sisters. Is she my soulmate?


That’s a perfect question for launching an exploration of the other types of soulmates including family and friends. The short answer is “Yes!” Not all soulmates are meant to be lovers.

Because soulmates serve a larger purpose that just romance, there are many different types. (Check out “What Is a Soulmate?” or “The Many Types of Soulmates” under the Soulmate tab.) They can be family and friends or teachers and pupils as well as enemies and victims, all helping us return to original Unconditional Love. They are all the people we encounter with whom we feel a special bond, a closeness or even chemistry. Our many soulmates are here to help us experience life, to grow and awaken, becoming our very best selves in the process. And yes, that helps us attract or nurture a romantic relationship and ultimately reconnect with our Soul Twin.

Picture your soul in the place where souls live before being born into human life. It is sitting around with a bunch of other souls having celestial coffee and planning what its next life will be about, what it wants to learn and remember. In the course of this conversation these souls make agreements to help each other by playing a variety of roles. Some agree to be lifelong companions, others will only pass through. Some will be warm and loving, others will be problematic. Some will soothe, others will cause friction. Each will play a crucial beneficial role in your awakening. The intention is always the same – to lovingly help each other.

Think of all the ways this could work:

You have a sister who is like a best friend. She is always there when you need her, shares many of your interest, and is just plain fun to be around. All of this teaches you how to be a good friend, awakening the supportive part of your nature.

You have a mother who is critical and negative. In her eyes, you never do anything right and she is quick to tell you so. Though she initially “teaches” you to feel unworthy, the gift she is offering is to learn to love yourself, warts and all, just as you are.

You have a dad who believes you can do anything and that boosts your confidence to try new things – and to pick yourself up when you fall down. He always offers a strong shoulder and a great hug which teaches you how to inspire confidence in others.

You have a brother who picked on you mercilessly. At first, you may pick on others since this has been your example, but chances are at some point you’ll replace that with compassion for the underdog.

It is through our interaction with our many soulmates that our human character and experience are shaped. And it was all from agreements we made before birth.

So the bottom line is to welcome and enjoy ALL of the many soulmates and types of soulmates that enter your life.

And yes, it sounds like your beloved sister is an important soulmate indeed.


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    Thank you Rebecca, this was a beautiful (and tear fielld) read. You touched my heart because you asked the questions I have always wondered about my Mom, who left at three and then tried to take her life when I met her at 18. I am now 40 and we have connected now, for the first time in our lives. It’s the first time where it might be possible to have some peace in our hearts. Likely, I’ll never have the questions and longings answered but I’ll take these few years we might to communicate (she lives across the world) as a gift. Like you, everything I do now, was because of the lessons I had to learn in her absence. I’m touched by you. And I love what you have created here. xxxMonica Fraser recently posted..

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