Find a Quality Man - Dating After 50

Find a Quality Man: Dating After 50 (Tools and Resources)

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Find a Quality Man - Dating After 50

affiliate disclosureWhen women talk about dating after 50, they inevitably end up at the same three questions – How do I meet a quality man? Aren’t all the good ones taken? And what’s the best way to meet good men – online or in real life?

Help is on the way. Soulmate Dance is partnering with Lisa Copeland, best-selling author, speaker, and dating expert to bring you the resources and tools you need. Three online courses below - The Secret to Finding Mr. Right, How to Meet Men in Real Life, and Creating Your Irresistible Profile.

During my own single years, I was right there with them. Sure, I met and dated some good guys and had some good times. And yet, it never quite worked out. There was a sense that I was dating the same guy over and over, creating the same relationship over and over. Were all the single men my age really just the same?

Dating Can be Frustrating, but It Doesn't Have to Be

I was far from alone in this frustration. Over and over, single women friends lamented that dating after 50 (heck, even after 40!) is tough. The men either wanted “a nurse and a purse” or a younger woman or were so afraid of being alone they’d latch on to anyone. I was beginning to wonder if finding love after 50 was just another fairy tale.

At the same time, there seemed to be plenty of stories from similar-aged women who found dating success or even the love of their lives. What were they doing differently? Why were some women succeeding and others struggling? Then, I began noticing something – looks and personality didn’t seem to be the main factor. Attractive, confident women with great personalities were faced with the same challenge.

My dating life was stuck in a rut and the only real common denominator was me. Over time, I came to understand that finding love was really an inside job. That meant changing my own mindset, not to settle, but to finally genuinely understand – myself and men.

Since then, I’ve frequently written about the idea that we don’t find a soulmate, we become the mate the other half of our soul is looking to find. Lisa Copeland picks up there and starts teaching you what to do and how to do it to enjoy a rich and rewarding dating life.

I’m excited to bring three of Lisa’s online courses to Soulmate Dance.

Course #1 - The Secret to Finding Mr. Right – How to Find a Quality Man

If you are new to dating after 50….If you are bone-tired of trying to figure out the dating game on your own and wish dating could be fun…If you want to know when you’ve met Mr. Right (instead of Mr. Right Now)…If you’ve had it with men telling you you’re intimidating or worse…start here.

Among themselves, women talk about the disconnect between what men say they want and what they marry or date seriously. A big part of the problem is that we are often talking with women who share our same frustration.

Lisa has figured it out for you - testing everything she teaches in her own dating life - and helps you get a much more clear vision of the type of man you really want, then helps you understand what that man is actually looking for in a mate.

She helps you get a better understanding of what kind of woman you are. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you already know! We all need a little perspective sometimes. This fresh look at yourself will help you stop dating the “wrong” men and have the “right” men wanting more of you. It isn’t about changing who you are, but genuinely being yourself in a way that is attractive to the kind of man you want to be with.

She will also show you the number one attraction factor for men that makes women irresistible regardless of looks.

In over 5 hours of online training, Lisa plus 5 leading authorities - Evan Marc Katz, Scott Simpson, Maritza Parra, Renee Fisher, and Jeff Herring - share their expertise about finding love after 50. They’ll cover:

  • How to determine whether he is your Mr. Right
  • Who men over 50 are and what makes them tick
  • Why men disappear online
  • Who is your soul mate
  • The 5 best places for meeting over 50’s men
  • How to meet your mate online
  • And so much more!

Lisa and her team of experts will show how you how to STOP feeling invisible and how to START attracting a quality man today.


Course #2 - How to Meet Men in Real Life

Internet dating isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’ve tried online dating and didn’t care for it. It could be the process of meeting online or you could feel like you’ve invested a lot of time and money, but still haven’t met Mr. Right. Maybe you’ve had some good dates here and there, but finding the right man on a dating site hasn’t happened.

What you’d really like is to meet a man in Real Life, but you feel like you don’t know HOW to make that happen.

Maybe your inner dialog feels bombarded by questions like:

  • How do I talk with men and still be myself? I’m afraid of being called “intimidating” or worse.
  • What sets me apart? How do I authentically showcase my uniqueness?
  • Where are the best places to meet quality men?
  • How can I lead with my playfulness in a way that makes men excited to get to know more about me?
  • How can I get comfortable about approaching a good man?
  • How can I turn my doubts, fears, and hesitations, especially about talking to men, into a confident mindset?

Deep down in the wisest part of yourself, you are certain finding love in the second half of life is possible FOR YOU, yet you are growing weary with doubt and fear. You know you are meant for a great relationship, but doubt online dating can really show the value of who you are. You see others finding love, but late at night you worry about why you are still alone, what’s wrong with you?

Lisa Copeland shared all these same frustrations. So she made it her mission to research everything she could get her hands on about approaching men in real life, then tested it in her own dating. She began to trust her own intuition and her own desires. And it made a difference in her dating life.

  • She figured out exactly how she could choose the men she wanted to meet and how to get them to approach her. The more she practiced this, the more confidence she gained.
  • She started approaching men without worrying about being rejected. The results shocked her. For the first time, men were actually stepping over themselves to prove they were worthy of her versus the other way around.
  • She was out there talking and flirting with AWESOME MEN EVERY DAY in real life.

Finally she was meeting new men in real life and was actually having fun! And for the first time she allowed herself to believe she could make her dream come true of finding love without having to rely on the Internet to meet a good man.

You, too, can be feeling BIG gratitude and excitement for the amazing men you’ll date as a direct result of now being able to meet men in real life. Let Lisa show you the difference her discoveries can make for you.


Course #3 - Creating Your Irresistible Profile

Attracting good men online starts with your own irresistible profile.

In this training, Lisa talks candidly about continually signing up on multiple dating sites mostly driven by fear of failure instead of what was actually possible if she had the right profile.

Then, she began learning how to write a profile that would get her noticed by good men online and would attract the RIGHT MAN FOR HER. She researched everything she could get her hands on about writing profiles and tested it. She began trusting herself more, listening to her own intuition, and being OK with her own desires. And it made a big difference in her online dating life. Finally, despite her fears of making another “mistake” and failing yet again, she gathered some courage and faith, and wrote a profile that started attracting good men.

And thanks to having the right profile and the right pictures on the right dating sites, she began having fun dating and allowed herself to believe that she could make her dream come true of finding love after 50.

  • She figured out exactly what good men were looking for in a woman’s profile. That led to meeting some really interesting good men AND gave her loads of confidence around men!
  • She did one thing differently from most women online which attracted Quality Men who wanted to meet HER! For the first time, men were saying… “When I read your profile, I knew you were looking for me! I couldn’t wait to meet you.”

Here’s what her discoveries can do for you:

  • Get more “yes’s” and less “no’s” online from the men you want in your life.
  • The Best Dating Sites that are right for you. Most women don’t realize what works for one woman might not work for her.
  • Feel crazy confident about being able to attract a good man online.
  • Get noticed by Quality Men online and put an end to spending hours chasing them.
  • Create a happy and joyous relationship with a great man you met online.

Lisa herself went from online frustration to being out there attracting AWESOME MEN. Having the right profile and the right pictures on the right dating sites made all the difference.

And she was having fun!!!!

Along with the best over-50s online dating tips, advice, formulas, and templates, the training includes:

  • The 3 Step Profile Template for writing the type of profile that has Quality Men stepping up to meet you!!!!
  • A Special Report called “What Not to Write in Your Profile.” You’ll discover what you shouldn’t be writing in your profile.  Big Aha moments here!
  • An Exclusive Interview with a private detective who will share with you exactly what you need to do to stay safe in today’s dating world.

Plus, Your 1st Date Checklist, and an amazing interview with Renee Fisher, a leading author and blogger. At the age of 59, Renee married her husband after finding love at an online Dating Site. She shares her experiences and gives you hope that finding love with a quality man after 50 is possible along with valuable tips and advice for finding your Mr. Right.

Ready to find Mr. Right online?


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