To Be or Not to Be……How Do you Know?

To Be or Not to Be……How Do you Know?

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To Be or Not to Be……How Do you Know?How on earth are people supposed to know when they should change things about themselves or just “be who they are”? Someone made this comment to me recently and it made me stop and think. As a coach, I know that change only happens when we decide it is needed, but sometimes people don’t know how to decide when they need a change.

How do you know?

Ask yourself this… who you are right now in this moment attracting the things to you that you want in your life? ( Ie: income, relationship, career, etc.) If it’s NOT, then you may need to look at making some changes so that you can have those things you want in your life. If you are trying to attract a mate, but you are not the kind of person that mate would be attracted to, then you’re going to struggle.

Stuck in a rut

Where I always get stuck is when what I want is not in alignment with my mindset or behaviors. For example, if I want to be a millionaire and live on a yacht sailing around the world, but I spend my time watching netflicks and bemoaning the fact that other people are living the life I want, I’m not going to be getting on a yacht anytime soon unless it’s someone else’s.   If I really want that dream, then I’m going to have to put effort into realizing it. That effort will include change. I will have to change my habits and behaviors to be more in align with what I desire.

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So, do you want it or not?

Believe me when I tell you, I hit this wall quite hard when I was single. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized I wasn’t the kind of person my ideal mate was looking for. If I really wanted what I said I wanted, I was going to have to make changes. And I had to make the decision about what I REALLY wanted. I also had to decide what I needed to change in my life if I wanted to attract my ideal.

The tipping point

What is the deciding factor for most people in deciding if they should be who they are or make changes? Drum roll, please………pain! If a person perceives more pain in trying to change, he/she tends to make the decision to maintain his/her current lifestyle. If a person perceives more pain if he/she doesn’t make a change, then change will likely take place pretty quickly.

Take the reins

You get to decide what you want your life to be, but in order to achieve it; you must be brutally honest about where you might not be in alignment with what you desire.   You may even decide the juice isn’t worth the squeeze for some of your goals and rearrange them. This is perfectly ok! Taking the first step and working on your own awareness will give you control over what goals you pursue and where your life takes you. Grab those reigns!

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    Jodi, The more I read what you write the more respect and admiration I have for you. You go right to the core of the matter and are able to show people what they need to most be aware of. Kudos to you for the help you give people.

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