Soulmate Dance discusses Using the Law of Attraction to Rescue a Failing Relationship

Use the Law of Attraction to Rescue Your Failing Relationship

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Soulmate Dance discusses Using the Law of Attraction to Rescue a Failing RelationshipWould you like more joy, harmony and heart connection in your relationship?

I was reminded that the little things in a relationship do matter when I was speaking to my friend Carly. She has been happily married for the past ten years and was saying that the passion in her relationship was dwindling to almost zero. Sure she still loved her husband but she didn’t have the same passionate feelings for him that she had when they first married. In fact Carly was finding that a lot that he did and said was irritating her. Their relationship was struggling and she wanted it to change.

I made these suggestions to her –

 Align your beliefs and desires

Remember that you do have the power to create what you want in your life and not to settle for mediocrity. Carly could recreate a wonderful, joy filled, rewarding relationship with her husband again. But first, she had to start believing that this was possible.

 Stop negative talking

I suggested Carly stop talking about what she didn’t want and talk only about what she did want. I asked her to eliminate any complaining, criticising or negative talk about her husband in her conversations with her friends and family.

Then I wanted Carly to start looking for small things to appreciate about her husband. Does he cook great meals for the family? Can he fix the light bulbs when they blow? Is he good with the kids? Is he calm in a crisis?

I wanted her to find five things each day to appreciate about her husband. These positive thoughts would help her create a positive vibration. Then, she had to let him know how much she appreciated what he was doing.

 Imagine more and observe less

Carly was in the trap that is very common to most of us. She was focussing on the current circumstances in her life and feeling a lot of emotion about what she didn’t like. As she kept doing this she just kept creating and re-creating more of what she didn’t like. The Law of attraction works perfectly to do this – focus on the negative aspects of your life and the law of Attraction will match this vibration and bring more of the same into your life.

Carly could turn this around by imagining what her ideal marriage would look like and feeling the happiness and joy this would bring. She could make a list that would describe ‘My ideal relationship’ or even use a vision board covered with her most romantic images.

 Ask for help

It’s very easy to think that it all depends on us. But there is a universal crew at your disposal waiting to help you. Ask your angels, beings of light or any other assistance that works for you, to assist in bringing more love and connection to your relationship. Get out of the way and ask your angels to manifest your desires and watch how magically your life falls into place.

All these suggestions helped Carly change her beliefs and emotions to a more positive vibration. She become enthusiastic and passionate about her relationship and the Law of Attraction then effortlessly brought more of this into her life.

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