Working the List to Attract Your Soulmate

Working the List to Attract Your Soulmate – Law of Attraction in Action

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Every morning I have a ritual I go through. I sit down and write out a “To Do” list for my day. I write two of them actually. I write out one for myself and one for the Universe. I got this idea from listening to an Abraham-Hicks audio about how Esther would manifest. I thought if list making was working for Esther, then it would obviously work for me, so I started my list making routine each morning just before starting work for the day.

Why Two Lists?

In the audio, Abraham explained that Esther would write out a list of things for to do for herself each day and a list of things she wanted the Universe to take care of. She would focus her attention on getting her list accomplished and let the Universe do its thing on its own list. She focused on those things she could control and let the Universe worry about the rest. What a great concept, huh?

How’s It Working?

Once I started making my daily list, I noticed how much easier it was for me to stay on task and get things done. It was also a fantastic celebration when I was able to cross something off the list as completed. It was even more cause for celebration when I started crossing off things the Universe got done! I could hardly believe how things were beginning to happen and take shape, without my interference.

Getting It Done

I was amazed at how efficient the Universe really was when I got out of the way and stopped trying to help. I was no longer sitting around and worrying about how some really big things would get accomplished, I simply put it on the Universe’s To-Do list and forgot about it. I had no idea how the Universe would accomplish anything and I realized it wasn’t my problem. My responsibility was to work my own list and let the Universe do its part. And boy did the Universe get it done! I asked for inspiration for business ventures and the flood gates opened. I asked for collaborators to help with these new business ideas and suddenly people began popping up all around me to help.

How Can This Help Attract a Soulmate?

What if you created your own set of lists and at the top of the list for the Universe you wrote “attract a soulmate to me” and let the Universe work its magic? You continue to work your own task list and cross things off as you go allowing the Universe to move freely on your behalf at accomplishing those things that are out of your control. Imagine all the things the Universe could get accomplished if you got out of the way and just let things happen? How fantastic to have such a powerful force working on your behalf to bring you the soulmate of your dreams!

Try It for 30 Days

Adding any new task into our daily routines can be challenging, however change happens in small steps. Start out by committing to making your two “To Do” lists for 30 days. That is the timeframe it generally takes for a new habit to be established. After 30 days, it should be a piece of cake to continue making your lists. After a month is also a good time to step back and evaluate what all you and the Universe have been able to complete on your task lists. You will be surprised how much gets done. And you may be pleasantly surprised who wanders into your life! 


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