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Yoga for Healing (Online Course)

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Yoga for Healing

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For yoga and me, it was not love at first sight. So imagine my surprise (and delight) when I tried Yoga for Healing by Tera Bucasa and loved it!

I had always wanted to love yoga and had visited classes off and on for years, but it never clicked. Instead, I felt out of place and intimidated.  Even in beginner classes, the instructors tended to call out the names of poses. They were like a foreign language to me, so I’d peek at her/him or the other students. Inevitably, the next word would be, “Keep your eyes closed. Be inside the pose. Feel the pose. Just hold the pose comfortably.” or something similar. As if I were the problem, somehow deficient for not just getting it automatically. There was nothing comfortable about this at all.

Then came the era of trying videos at home. Some felt too gym-like. Others felt too woo-woo. None of them spoke to me.

Then two things happened: First, my husband found a really cool instructor near us. Her often irreverent yet healing approach expanded my vision of what yoga could be. Second, I stumbled upon Tera’s Yoga for Healing program.

Yoga for Healing

With Tera’s program, there are no impossible poses and she never speaks down at you. There is no fake-ish woo-woo “serenity now,” just a calm and calming approach.

Tera is a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. She has completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Corepower Yoga plus over 100 additional training hours. Notably, she has also struggled personally with chronic illness which gives her a unique and understanding perspective.

Her own experience - going unexpectedly from being a fit, energetic yoga instructor to someone dealing with overwhelming fatigue, deep depression, and physical pain - inspired her to create the Yoga for Healing program. Tera used her experience and training to develop a gentle yoga practice for those who are making their way back to wellness, who are growing older, or who have challenges of almost any kind. People like me and maybe like you. People who need a dependable, achievable, no-frills way to work toward wellness, become more fit, and address some of the deeper aspects of healing.

I truly love that she shows us how to move our body in accordance with our current ability. She invites us to slow down, to start wherever we are instead of risking injury by pressuring us to over-do. Her program includes seven unique workout videos, a 25-page workbook, posture lists, and even modification videos for each of the workouts. The workbook also includes focus sheets to help you explore the deeper aspects of the program and a journal.

To sum it up, here are the Top 3 reasons why I love Yoga for Healing:

1) It’s Real

It is clear from the first video that Tera is genuine and Yoga for Healing is the real deal. She doesn’t resort to flowery language, fluffy clichés, or crazy pep talks. She speaks simply and directly, soothingly leading you through each gentle routine. She’s openly candid, admitting that some days our bodies don’t feel great and our minds feel distracted or stressed.  She reassures us that even though we might not feel as strong on those days, that’s OK. Just doing the program in whatever way we can is helpful. I found this profoundly encouraging, enticing me to do my best even on my worst days without any harsh self-judgment.

2) Course Design

My own background is in training and development, so I’m a sucker for well-designed teaching of every kind. I like a logical sequence with well-organized, comprehensive material presented clearly and attractively. I love helpful support information. Tera delivers on all counts. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness are obvious every step of the way. The workbook is designed to be user friendly, even for former yoga-phobes like me. All the information and lessons are carefully and logically laid-out. She includes plenty of modifications so nothing feels out of reach. And most importantly, she guides us step-by-step, gently leading us through to our own sense of achievement. For me, she has done a superb job of making yoga doable, fun, and helpful.

3) Adaptability

Even though I’d been curious about yoga for a long time, my interest skyrocketed after a run-in with cancer in 2002. The treatments had zapped my strength making even my daily walks a challenge, and no local instructors seemed to understand the “good days, bad days” part of healing. I thought if I heard “Just power through” one more time, I would scream. Yoga for Healing makes it easy to adapt to your current ability, whatever that might be, even if it’s different every day. Tera has built modifications and accommodations into the program, encouraging you to adapt as needed. She shows you how to focus on the areas of your body that feel more capable or just quietly work on breathing, whichever you need most today.

Tera clearly developed Yoga for Healing with each of us in mind. And that’s its true genius.

You’ll want to get Yoga for Healing now! The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start feeling and seeing the results.

A gentler yoga practice to help your body and mind heal from trauma, aging, and stress.

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