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How to Meet Men in Real Life – Find Love After 50

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how to meet men in real lifeSoulmate Dance is partnering with Lisa Copeland, best-selling author, speaker, and dating expert to bring you the resources and tools you need to Find Love After 50

Internet dating isn’t for everyone. Maybe the idea turns you off. Maybe you’ve tried online dating and didn’t care for it. It could be the process of meeting online or you could feel like you’ve invested a lot of time and money, but still haven’t met Mr. Right or have only been found by Mr. Wrong. Maybe you’ve had some good dates here and there, but finding the right man on a dating site hasn’t happened.

What you’d really like is to meet a man in Real Life, but you feel like you don’t know HOW to make that happen.

Maybe your inner dialog feels bombarded by questions like:

  • How do I talk with men and still be myself? I’m afraid of being called “intimidating” or worse.
  • What sets me apart? How do I authentically showcase my uniqueness?
  • Where are the best places to meet quality men?
  • How can I lead with my playfulness in a way that makes men excited to get to know more about me?
  • How can I get comfortable about approaching a good man?
  • How can I turn my doubts, fears, and hesitations, especially about talking to men, into a confident mindset?

Deep down in the wisest part of yourself, you are certain finding love in the second half of life is possible FOR YOU, yet you are growing weary with doubt and fear. You know you are meant for a great relationship, but doubt online dating can really show the value of who you are. You see others finding love, but late at night you worry about why you are still alone, what’s wrong with you?

Lisa Copeland shared all these same frustrations. So she made it her mission to research everything she could get her hands on about approaching men in real life, then tested it in her own dating. She began to trust her own intuition and her own desires. And it made a difference in her dating life.

  • She figured out exactly how she could choose the men she wanted to meet and how to get them to approach her. The more she practiced this, the more confidence she gained.
  • She started approaching men without worrying about being rejected. The results shocked her. For the first time, men were actually stepping over themselves to prove they were worthy of her versus the other way around.
  • She was out there talking and flirting with AWESOME MEN EVERY DAY in real life.

Finally she was meeting new men in real life and was actually having fun! And for the first time she allowed herself to believe she could make her dream come true of finding love without having to rely on the Internet to meet a good man.

You, too, can be feeling BIG gratitude and excitement for the amazing men you’ll date as a direct result of now being able to meet men in real life. Let Lisa show you the difference her discoveries can make for you.

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