Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage. Making love with your soulmate.

Mastering The Art of Vaginal Massage – Part 1

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Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage. Making love with your soulmate.Imagine this: you’re a woman and you are lying comfortably on your back in bed, your man gently massaging your shoulders. He is propped against the bed’s head board, his legs spread to either side of your shoulders. As he kneads the tension out of the base of your neck he says, “Breath deep, honey, all the way down into your belly. When you breathe out, let yourself sink into the bed. Release any tensions from today, you’re becoming softer and more relaxed…just let go as you sink down into a state of deep relaxation and bliss. The deeper you go, the more relaxed you become. The more relaxed you become, the deeper you go.” Your body softens as the little twists and kinks in your muscles release. You’re becoming more relaxed and open that you’ve been all week. You’re in your man’s hands now. The world can wait. You love it.

Before your man learned these techniques he tried hard, but he just didn’t have the skills to make you feel cherished. Now you look forward to being with him like this like you’ve never looked forward to anything in your life. He’s become a master at guiding you to places within yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Not only that, he’s allowing you to express these most delicious, feminine parts of yourself, to blossom, to radiate a sweetness, an essential part of you you’ve never been able to express.

Now you are only too willing to let go. Your body sinks deeper into the bed. “Beautiful,” he says as he puts the finishing touches on your shoulders and neck rub. Cradling your head in his hands, he stretches your neck up gently so that any remaining kinks are soothed. Your hair brushes against his balls. He releases your head gently, letting it rest peacefully on the sheet.

He lifts himself and gracefully moves to your right side. He positions himself so he is sitting crossed-legged by your right hip. “Breath down into your vagina Sugar Muff. Feel your vagina as a gift. It’s a precious gift just for me. Open your legs and give me your vagina as a beautiful gift.” Your legs float open. How could they not? This man sees your vagina as a gift. He has handled it, licked it and penetrated it like it was something holy. There’s nothing else in the world you’d rather do than to offer it to him. The thought crosses your mind that you’ve finally found someone who gets you. You relax even more.

“Your vagina looks so pretty in the candle light,” he says. “I love the way your slit is dark pink, and your vagina lips are light pink. Your vagina lips looks like rose petals, only lovelier, softer. I can see a little wetness at the bottom of your luscious entrance. It’s catching the candle light and glistening. God your vagina is gorgeous.” And you melt. Nobody has ever spoken to you so tenderly about your vagina. In truth, your vagina hasn’t seen much tenderness in its time, at least not from the men you’ve let touch and enter there. Even the guys who really wanted to please you—the nice guys—didn’t know how to talk to you like this, to touch you like you know this man can, to make you feel sacred. But this man does.

He moves his left hand to the space between your breasts, your heart space, and presses. “Breath here,” he instructs. “Open your heart.” And as if by magic, you do. You breathe into your heart, into the place under his strong but gentle hand, feeling your heart open wide. You were blocked there before, the breath couldn’t move beyond your ribs. But now something unwinds there. A kink is let out of a hose. Love energy can flow again. Now your breath is filling your heart and beyond, out of the room, up into the sky. Your heart is light, shining light. No fences. No barriers. No boundaries. You feel as unguarded as if you were letting a puppy lick your face. “Beautiful,” he notes, as if he senses the newfound ease in your chest. He places his right hand on your belly, between your belly button and love mound. “Now I want you to breath all the way down here,” he says, as he begins to gently move his right hand in a circular motion over your stomach, warming it, your belly flesh moving under his hands, melting with each circular stroke. (Why don’t you feel self-conscious about him caressing your belly? Oh, that’s right, because this man worships your belly, often telling you it excites him just thinking of its luscious curves.)

To be continued….

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